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Can You Replace Sliding Doors With French Doors?

Replacing a sliding glass door with a French door is definitely an option–it only becomes problematic when done the other way around. The latter is traditionally hinged and occupies a narrow opening. Installing a pair of units that glide in a space with little width will inevitably restrict access.


But if you want to change the style of your exterior door more seamlessly, a sliding French patio door system might be the better option. Here’s why.

No Change of Layout Required

A hinged door needs room in front of it to properly operate. If you have some furnishings placed nearby your unit, you may have to rethink your interior home design to create adequate clearance.

Such adjustment will not be necessary if you get sliding French doors instead of conventional hinged ones. Your carpeting and pieces of furniture can stay where they are after buying a new set of fixtures.

New Look, Same Operation

Contemporary sliding door designs have slim framing, which is the exact opposite of the classic French door. The transition from thin frames to wide stiles and rails will dramatically transform the look of your house. But at the same time, you can expect your new units to operate without needing much impetus, for they glide with just a gentle nudge.

More Configuration Options Available

Generally, swinging doors come in more opening options. Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego offers sliding French doors with the same level of variety. Our units are available in two-, three-, and four-panel configurations. If you have extremely wide openings, we can add more stationary units or install windows to create stunning glass walls.

To Renewal by Andersen of San Diego, sliding doors and French doors are not mutually exclusive. Call (858) 935-8451 to schedule your consultation with us and get a free estimate in San Diego.

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