3 Tips to Make a Small Space Look and Feel Bigger
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3 Tips to Make a Small Space Look and Feel Bigger


Living in a small space can set you back with a lot of limitations, especially if you’re accustomed to having a spacious home. The transition can prove to be difficult. You’ll have to make a lot of compromises in decorating and organizing your space as well as adjusting to your lifestyle to avoid a congested feeling. Here are three tips to make a cramped space look and feel bigger.


Use a Light Color Scheme


Using a dark and warm color scheme can invoke a feeling of intimacy and relaxation, but it can also make a space feel more cramped and dull. Consider having your room repainted with a lighter color scheme, such as beige, light blues or two-toned neutrals. This will make a small space feel much more open and uplifting.


Utilize Natural Light


Maximizing natural light entering your room can create the illusion that you have a lot more space. You can open blinds and curtains in rooms that don’t require privacy. If not, you can use light drapes that would allow for a considerable amount of natural light in without compromising your privacy. You can also install a sliding glass door to let in tons of light in while adding character to your home.


Free Up Your Floor Space


You can have a wider looking room if you leave enough floor space. You can achieve this effect by moving furniture away from your wall and removing carpets from your floor to create a cozy atmosphere. You can add a sofa with legs and a table to add some character to your room as well. Having furniture that lays flat on the ground like a flat sofa, for example, makes your room appear much more cramped.


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