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Our Fibrex Window Material

Renewal by Andersen’s Acclaim™ windows are engineered with Renewal by Andersen Window’s exclusive Fibrex® composite material, which combines the strength and durability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl windows.

Fibrex Windows San Diego

Renewal by Andersen Fibrex® Windows VS. Wood, Vinyl & Aluminum

  • • Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® material is 2 times stronger than vinyl
  • • Fibrex® material insulates 700 times better than aluminum
  • • Fibrex® material reduces VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions because no wood preservative treatments or painting is required
  • • Fibrex® material retains its stability and rigidity in all climates
  • • Our revolutionary Fibrex® replacement windows offer a long product life cycle, reducing landfill waste in the process

Why You Should Consider Acclaim™ Windows Made With Fibrex®

Fibrex® provides the stability, reliability and longevity that many homeowners love! Fibrex® also allows us to use narrower frames, which means you get more glass area and, therefore, a bigger view of the outdoors.

Fibrex® windows are only installed by experienced professionals who specialize in the installation process. They ensure that your window replacement is done with speed and efficiency. There are many benefits to getting Fibrex®, including:


Low Maintenance Requirement

Since Fibrex® windows won’t rot or decay, they won’t easily get damaged by molds. This means there’s no need for them to be re-scraped or repainted. But depending on your preference, you can still have your fiberglass window frames painted.

Great Insulation

Fibrex® has one of the best thermal insulating properties on the market. Combined with Andersen’s High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, Fibrex can easily retain the heat in your home especially during the winter months, saving you money on your energy bills. And because Fibrex has better insulating properties, it’s also much better in keeping out noise compared to vinyl.

Better Sustainability

Fibrex® is made using reclaimed materials. Around 40% of the raw material comes from reclaimed wood fibers, which meet strict ENERGY STAR® criteria set by the U.S. Department of Energy.