4 Reasons Seal Failure Occurs in Your Windows
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4 Reasons Seal Failure Occurs in Your Windows

Given how your windows are exposed to the harshest elements day in and day out, their maintenance should be your primary focus this season. One of the potential issues you should watch out for is window seal failure, which can lead to significant energy loss when overlooked. But what exactly can cause this specific window problem? Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, the area’s premier window company, lists some of them here.

1. Extreme thermal changes. Some windows, particularly wooden ones, tend to shrink and sag because of sudden changes in temperature. In fact, their prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can cause their seals to crack. Once your windows have gaps or small openings, it’s all too easy for outdoor temperatures to leak into your home and compromise its thermal comfort.

2. Old age. If your existing windows were installed back when your home was originally built, then plain aging is the primary reason for their seal failure. That’s because older windows don’t use the same method of weather protection newer ones have today. This might be the perfect time to invest in professional window installation from Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego. We can upgrade your current windows with better, higher quality ones. 

We use our exclusive Fibrex® material for our windows, so you no longer have to worry about cracks, shrinking, or corrosion. Fibrex offers wood’s strength and insulating value, along with vinyl’s low-maintenance performance. This allows for replacement windows that keep durable seals even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

3. Mold growth. Do you notice excessive condensation in your windows? When those water droplets aren’t wiped off regularly, they can affect the effectiveness of the window seals by encouraging mold formation. Make sure to look for signs of mold or discoloration around your windows and deal with them promptly to keep the seals intact.

4. Sloppy window installation. Window seal failure also occurs when the windows aren’t fitted properly with their wall openings, or if they have become dislodged over time due to faulty workmanship. When investing in new windows, make sure to work only with a trusted window contractor like Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego. We ensure a timely and efficient window installation process that leaves no room for mistakes, and eliminates the potential for seal failure.

Look no further than Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego for all your window replacement needs. We serve homeowners in Alpine, Del Mar, and the Greater San Diego, CA area. Call us today at (858) 877-5172 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.