4 Top Window Replacement Styles for Your Kitchen
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4 Top Window Replacement Styles for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest part of your home. This means you need windows that are easy to use and can withstand daily wear, all while providing the ventilation and natural lighting that your kitchen needs. In today’s post, local window replacement company, Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, shares the ideal window styles for your kitchen.

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1. Casement windows – Kitchens require ventilation almost on demand, whether it’s for venting humidity, odors or smoke. Casement windows provide ventilation like no other window style because it’s the only style that allows use of 100% of the window area. The single-sash design also lets you capture a great view or keep an eye out for your kids at play in the yard. Choose casement windows with offset hinges for easy cleaning all the way around.

2. Double hung windows – Double hung windows are generally regarded as a bedroom window, but they have features that make them ideal for kitchens. Its familiar design makes it easy for anyone to open and close at will, without even thinking about it. If you need airflow, but would rather not allow too much indoor air to vent out, you can open just one window in such a way that you have two openings – one for exhaust, the other for intake.

3. Sliding windows – Sliding windows are ideal for kitchens with limited space or if the immediate area outside the window is a busy spot like a path or a patio. Since most of its operating mechanism rests on the bottom of the frames, it can be opened and closed one-handed, which makes it best when you’re busy in the kitchen and can only spare a hand or an elbow to open and close it. It can also double as a convenient service window if you’re serving guests in your backyard.

4. Bay and bow windows – Bay and bow windows are essentially combination windows. Its key advantage for your kitchen is the additional space that can be used for additional seating, display space or storage space.

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