Addressing Window Warping With Fibrex®
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Addressing Window Warping With Fibrex®

Warping is a common issue windows encounter. This is always likely when your home windows are exposed to excessive heat, especially vinyl ones. Rest assured there are high-quality windows that will not easily distort like the Renewal by Andersen® windows that incorporate our Fibrex® frames.

Window Warping

Why Do Vinyl and Wood Windows Warp?

Wood is known for being able to absorb and retain moisture, and this leads to rotting and warping. As mentioned earlier, vinyl, on the other hand, can be sensitive to excessive heat, which can cause the material to become softer or more malleable. Sometimes, faulty installation may also cause windows to warp.

The warping can appear as bends or distortions on the face of a window, which is also called bowing. At times, these bends could appear on the edge of a window and are then called crooking. Twists can also form at the edges of a window. And, when the distortions appear as cup-like bends that go inward or outward, that is cupping.

How Does Fibrex® Solve This Problem?

If you’ve been considering getting new windows, it might be ideal to choose a replacement window made of Fibrex instead of wood or vinyl. You could never go wrong with a material patented by and exclusive to Andersen®.

This material is so sturdy it can be made into nearly all window sizes and allows for thinner frames. Keep in mind that the thinner the frame, the more outdoor views you can enjoy. Moreover, Fibrex will not rot, warp or decay. Mold and mildew are unlikely to grow on this material, meaning they will not harm your home’s indoor air quality. It will also save you from constant maintenance.

Renewal by Andersen windows are engineered with Andersen’s exclusive Fibrex composite frames. Give us a call today to learn more about our energy-efficient products and how you can save money by replacing your windows. Contact us here, or call (858) 935-8451 for consultations. We serve clients with San Diego, CA.