Best Windows to Use for Improving Home Ventilation
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Best Windows to Use for Improving Home Ventilation

Your home’s windows aren’t just used to bring in natural light into your home and improve its aesthetic appeal. In fact, it can also be used to improve your home’s ventilation. With that in mind, when you’re replacing your windows, it’s best that you pick one that can not only improve your energy efficiency, but your ventilation as well.

Here are the best windows to use to improve your home’s ventilation.

Sliding Windows

When it comes to home ventilation, it’s understandable if sliding windows aren’t your first choice to improve it. However, that doesn’t mean you should no longer consider them as they’re the best window to pick if you have limited opening space, allowing you to ventilate your home even then.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most common window style you’ll see in most American homes. This is because not only are their traditional aesthetics suitable for almost any home, but also because they’re great for ventilation and air circulation. As both the lower and upper sash opens, you can allow cool air to enter through the bottom sash while using the top sash to push warm, stale air out of your home, greatly improving your home’s air circulation.

Casement Windows

Alternatively, you can also consider casement windows if you’re looking to improve your home’s ventilation. Unlike the previous two, these windows can swing outwards with a crank, allowing you to maximize ventilation while having complete control over how much air enters and leaves your home.

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