Code of Compliance for Windows: 4 Aspects You Need to Know
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Code of Compliance for Windows: 4 Aspects You Need to Know

Window replacement companies have to comply with specific building codes related to windows, and this can sometimes cause conflict with what homeowners have in mind for their upgrade. Knowing and understanding these codes can help you make informed decisions when you’re ready to install new windows for your home.

Here are the four key aspects of code compliance for windows.

  1. Energy efficiency – Energy codes typically have a limit for the U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). For this reason, it pays to make smart decisions about the materials and glass used for your new windows. You can turn to Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego for this. Our replacement windows all come with our exclusive Fibrex® frame material and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass which help boost thermal performance.

  2. Safety glazing – The International Residential Code (IRC) has identified seven locations that are deemed “hazardous.” If windows are located in any of these locations, they must be safety glazed. Safety glazing uses either security film or tempered glass.

  3. Emergency escape and rescue – This pertains to alterations to window openings. Building codes typically require that window sill heights must be, at most, 44 inches from the finished floor. With this, homeowners can safely exit their house through the windows in case of emergencies. These units should also be operable without the use of keys or special knowledge.

  4. Fall protection – There are also codes in place that require window sills to have a specific height. This aims to protect kids from injury in case they fall through an open window.

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