Common Causes of Drafty Windows
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Common Causes of Drafty Windows

Have you been noticing your previous monthly bills surging? Or, do you experience feeling a distant chill when you walk past a certain area in your home? You might have drafty windows. These normally occur due to weatherstripping or seal issues. Here are some causes of drafty windows.

Drafty Windows

1. Improper maintenance: While it’s always noted that well-maintained items help them last longer, adequate cleaning and in-depth inspections are an utmost priority to keep a window last. Besides avoiding getting drafts, never forget to tidy your windows up so there won’t be hard stains.

2. Unaddressed mold: Should your seals or weatherstripping consist of rubber or similar material, take note that it is vulnerable to some varieties of mold. Any window contractor would say that this organic growth can eat away at the rubber, changing its shape and reducing its effectiveness. Immediately clean the area with an alcohol-based solvent or with vinegar when you notice minor mildew.

3. Extreme temperatures: Gaps may appear between your window and wall if the former isn’t suited to the local climate. When exposed to high temperatures, certain materials may stretch and contract. This is the reason why window panes shift and form gaps between the window frame and wall.

Moreover, it is still highly urged to have your drafty windows replaced. Remember that even if you do not frequently open or close a window, the pane and frame may still be affected by age. If your windows are over two decades old, have a professional assess their structural integrity to determine if age has made the window drafty.

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