Fitting Window Designs for San Diego’s Popular House Styles
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Fitting Window Designs for San Diego’s Popular House Styles

Every house has its own personality. Half of it usually comes from its owner’s design preferences, and the other came from its architectural history. A window replacement project is a chance to give your house a refreshing look, but you ought to respect the norms. If you choose the wrong windows for its style, the incongruity may impact its curb appeal and lower its value.

Here are the best window designs for the most popular house styles in America’s Finest City.

Spanish Colonial Revival

The Spanish Colonial Revival traditionally uses French casement windows, a pair of swinging units that open out from the center without a fixed vertical bar in the middle.

Wood is the common finish on both sides of this house style’s windows. The exterior one is usually darker, though. When it comes to grille pattern, go with “specified equal light”, which visually breaks the glass into four equal rectangular panes.

Mission Revival

With this Spanish-inspired house style, double-hung windows are ubiquitous. The glass units of Mission Revival also don shades of wood; the interior is brownish and the exterior rather reddish. In terms of grilles, you must have the “modified Colonial” pattern, where the upper half is divided into nine square panes.


The Arts and Crafts architectural movement has always focused on both casement and double-hung window systems so you can’t go wrong with either. The frames of Craftsman windows are usually dark-stained wood, but only the interior frames share the same color. The exterior ones are a bit creamy.

For the grilles, opt for the “tall fractional” design. Make sure the upper portion of the glass has two muntins in order to create a trio of vertical rectangular panes.

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