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How Do Products Earn the ENERGY STAR® Label?

ENERGY STAR® has become the standard and symbol for energy efficiency. It was established to decrease of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, which are typically caused by the inefficient use of energy. The ENERGY STAR symbol also guides consumers in identifying and purchasing energy-efficient products that allow them to save on energy bills without sacrificing performance and comfort.

How Do Products Earn the ENERGY STAR® Label?

Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, a trusted provider of windows and patio doors, discusses how products earn the ENERGY STAR label.

About the ENERGY STAR® Label

Products have to meet energy efficiency requirements in order to get the ENERGY STAR certification. Below are some general guidelines that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses to determine the energy efficiency of a product:

  • The product must provide significant energy savings nationwide.

  • Apart from energy efficiency, the product must deliver the performance and features needed by consumers.

  • If the product costs more than its conventional and less energy-efficient counterparts, consumers should be able to recover their investment through utility bill savings within a reasonable time period.

What Makes Windows and Doors Energy-Efficient

Manufacturers use a variety of technologies to ensure that their products are qualified to earn the ENERGY STAR label. For doors, whether it’s a sliding glass door or any other door type, multiple glass panes and improved weatherstripping are added to improve their energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, energy-efficient windows typically have Low-E glass, multiple panes, warm edge spacers and gas fills. Framing materials can also affect their energy efficiency. Fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, wood and composite are just some of the framing materials commonly used in making energy-efficient windows.

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