How Does Natural Light Affect Your Health?
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How Does Natural Light Affect Your Health?

People across the world know that an adequate amount of sunlight gives a lot of health benefits, especially for those who spend a lot of time indoors. In today’s blog, your double hung windows contractor, Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, shares the positive benefits natural light gives you.

Natural Source of Vitamin D

Sunlight is mostly associated with vitamin D. This vitamin, in particular, enhances your bone density and strength, and keeps heart risks and weight gain at bay. You can enjoy a quick stroll outside to enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D, or you can work near a well-lit window to get some sunlight if you can’t go outside.

Prevents Serious Health Risks

If your only sources of light are a few bulbs and lampshades, this is ineffective as they consume energy and do not provide the health benefits and energy-efficiency of natural light. If you’re considering a window replacement project, be sure to have enough space to let an ample amount of natural light into your home. A healthy amount of sunlight can help you avoid eye strain, stress, migraine, mood swings, and reduces your melatonin levels.

It Helps Your Sleep Patterns

Your exposure to sunlight directly affects your sleep patterns. Experts from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found out that office workers who have adequate exposure to sunlight sleep better than those who don’t. In fact, sunlight acts as a reset button for your internal body clock and helps you wake up better, compared to a blaring phone alarm for example.

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