How to Customize a Bay Window Renewal By Andersen San Diego
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How to Customize a Bay Window

Bay windows are one of the most functional styles available. The area by this window can act as a lounging space, extra storage, small dining area or even a reading nook. This window replacement option provides more natural light, making your home’s interior look more airy and spacious.

Read on to learn how to customize a bay window.

What Are Bay Windows?

A bay window is typically made up of three windows joined or mulled during manufacturing to create a single unit. Its center is flanked by casement or double hung windows. Mullion posts separate the three windows.

An angled window is the most common style of bay window. It protrudes from the house and slants back to the wall at a 30- or 45-degree angle. Moreover, a box bay is square with a side sash that comes straight from the house at a 90-degree angle.

What Size Should You Pick?

Bay windows are available in various standard and custom sizes. It is easier and often less expensive to install a bay the same size or smaller than your existing ones. Wider bay windows require a bigger opening and a new header. However, a more expansive window will allow more light into the room, creating a greater visual impact.

Which Sash Should You Choose?

You can pick any type of sash you prefer for your bay window. Usually, the bay sash matches the other windows in the house, though this isn’t a requirement. Taller, narrower bay windows usually look great with a casement sash. Meanwhile, shorter units complement the double-hung sash. The center window of a bay is also typically stationary.

Is There an Eave Above the Window?

Bay windows are typically tucked underneath an eave, with the space between the window top and lower side of the soffit filled with insulation and concealed by trim boards. Measure the depth of the eave horizontally before picking a bay window. Get a unit that’s shallow enough to fit underneath it if possible.

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