Maximizing Daylighting Benefits Using Windows
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Maximizing Daylighting Benefits Using Windows

Daylighting is a great way to make your home more energy-efficient. By using natural light coming from your windows, skylights and patio doors, you won’t have to rely on artificial lighting during the day, and you’ll save more on monthly energy bills! But there are a few things you need to know to ensure you’re able to maximize energy efficiency.

Maximizing Daylighting Benefits Using Windows

How Daylighting Works

Daylighting is the controlled use of direct sunlight and other forms of natural light in a residential or commercial structure. When enclosed spaces make full use of natural sunlight to reduce dependency on artificial lighting, they’re able to provide a more productive environment for their occupants. Windows are usually the best ways to provide natural light, but they have to be designed carefully to ensure a successful daylight distribution around your home.

Keep in mind that without fully utilizing daylighting features in your home, you can expect your artificial lighting to make up around 10% of your monthly energy bills. Daylighting can mean big savings for your home, but you also need to work with a professional in window replacement who knows how to take into account other factors in your home while designing the best way to let in more natural light.

Important Tips to Remember

  • Determine How You’ll Use Each Room
    Having different needs and uses in each room of your home means some may need more daylight than others. For instance, if you want your bedroom windows to let in just enough sunlight in the morning, we recommend having picture windows installed on the east side of your room.

  • Check the Envelope Features of Your Windows
    The glare from natural light can be difficult to watch TV or use your computer. When you instinctively close the blinds of your windows for more visual comfort, you’ll also miss out on some daylighting benefits. To avoid this, you should have proper envelope features on your windows, such as splayed/deep reveals or exterior fins. These envelope features should be 9 to 12 inches deep and angled at about 60 degrees to your windows to be effective in reducing the glare that gets into your home.

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