Maximizing Daylighting in Your Home With Windows
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Maximizing Daylighting in Your Home With Windows

Aside from making your home more energy-efficient, daylighting also has a few health benefits. If you want to make the most out of daylighting in your home, you need to focus on your  home’s windows. Here are a few tips that could help you.


Spread the Light

Some parts of the home won’t get enough lighting because they are too far from any window. Instead of adding more windows, a good alternative would be to use screens to diffuse the light or “bounce” it off a wall or partition to get the light further into your home.

Plan Window Placements If Possible

If you’re planning for a major remodeling or a home addition, you need to pay attention to where your new windows will be located. Even small double-hung windows can be the difference between a dull room and a properly daylit one. Don’t forget to include the door when factoring a room or addition’s natural lighting.

Remember the Difference Between View and Lighting Windows

You may not know this, but there are actually windows that are mostly for getting a good view, and windows that are there mainly to provide daylighting. This means some windows don’t have to be in front of a scenic view as long as it lets in plenty of natural light. A good example of this would be picture windows placed high and close to the ceiling.

Don’t Always Go With “More Windows”

While simply adding new windows will let more light into your home, our experts say that going overboard could work against your favor. Before adding new casement windows, consult with a local window contractor to see if there are more cost-efficient alternatives, such as switching your current windows to replacement options with features, such as low-E glass panes, which allow you get more sunlight without increasing the amount of heat entering your home.

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