Pros and Con of Argon Gas-Filled Replacement Windows
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Pros and Con of Argon Gas-Filled Replacement Windows

Today, most replacement windows, whether they’re casement or double hung windows, come with two layers of glass with a sealed space in between. By filling that sealed space with inert gas, you can expect increased energy efficiency from your window unit. One of the most often used gas fills by window manufacturers is argon. But is argon actually effective in improving the overall performance of replacement windows? Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, your premier window company, answers that here.

Yes, and Here’s Why

Compared to other gas fills, argon is cost-effective, colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. In fact, it occurs naturally and constitutes less than one percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. Using argon gas to fill the space between the glass panes is better than just plain air. The latter contains moisture that can condense on the inside of the window, making the glass cloudy–something you won’t have to worry about with argon gas. What’s more, argon gas fills can insulate more effectively, helping prevent excessive heat from transferring into your home. 

Here are more of the advantages of choosing argon gas fill for casement windows or other window styles:

  1. Lowers noise transfer, ensuring a calm and relaxing atmosphere inside your home.
  2. Reduces the potential for condensation or frost forming on your windows.
  3. Improves the window’s U-Value, which rates your windows’ thermal performance.
  4. Prevents corrosion in window materials, unlike oxygen.
  5. Allows for use in any type of climate.
  6. Provides greater thermal performance when combined with modified Low-E glass coatings.
  7. Leaves no carbon footprint, making it a more eco-friendly choice.

But Argon Gas Still Has a Drawback

Argon gas can leak out when the window seal even has the tiniest gap in it. This can cause moisture-laden air to enter the space between the glass panes, allowing condensation to build up inside. For this reason, it pays to work only with a trusted window replacement company like Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego for your window installation needs. We use exclusive Fibrex® material for our windows, eliminating the potential for cracks, chips, and corrosion that can cause window seals to fail. What’s more, our professional team is trained and experienced in every aspect of window installation. So once we’re done, expect your windows to keep durable, airtight seals–with the argon gas fill fully intact–for longer.

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