Seal Failure: How to Tell if Your Windows Are Failing
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Seal Failure: How to Tell if Your Windows Are Failing

Your windows can deteriorate slowly over time. Just like other parts of your home, windows need TLC, too. Providing your windows with the care they need can make them last their expected lifespan. But eventually you will need to replace them. How do you know whether it’s time?

Seal Failure

Foggy Glass

Ever noticed fog buildup within your window panes? This could mean your windows have lost their insulating features. Fogging or condensation is caused by water droplets as a result of the weather changes and water vapor buildup coming from the leaks in the window seals. When this happens, replace your window seal immediately or, better yet, install a new unit in place of the faulty one.

Frequent Drafts

When drafts enter your windows, it means your seals have probably deteriorated. This results in energy loss since the heat and air inside your home leaks through the gaps in your windows. To test for leaks, wet your hand, and put it near the seals to feel if there is wind blowing through them. Contact your window replacement contractor right away to assist you with the situation.

Warped Frames

Warping is commonly caused by sudden changes in temperature, which results in shrinking or expanding window frames. In some cases, warped frames can even compromise the structural integrity of the material. Once you notice warping on your window frames, have the windows replaced immediately by an expert contractor like Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego.

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