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Should I Replace My Old Windows Before Selling My Home?

A property with beautiful and well-maintained interiors and exteriors usually have a higher chance of selling faster. And since many home buyers today often look for energy-efficient features, you might be thinking of upgrading your old casement windows before listing your home for sale.

Window Replacement

However, the decision to replace your windows isn’t something that can be taken lightly. It requires a sizable investment, so you have to carefully consider all your options to determine if it would be worth the extra effort and expenses. Below are a couple of important things that you should examine before making your decision.

Consider the Local Real Estate Market

In a competitive real estate market, new and energy-efficient windows are highly desirable features for home buyers. So, if you want your property to be noticed and to attract potential buyers, window replacement would likely be a good investment to make. 

Evaluate the Current Condition of Your Windows

Of course, never make a decision without consulting window professionals. Have them assess your existing windows so that you can get ahead of any issues that may cause trouble when buyers inspect your home. If you fail to spot and address problems with your windows, you might not be able to negotiate a good price for your property. It’s also possible for the buyer to ask you to shoulder the repair expenses anyway. So, hire a contractor to inspect your existing windows, and from there, you can decide whether to replace or simply fix the old windows.

In addition to window issues, you might also want to check the level of energy efficiency and soundproof quality of your windows. For some buyers, having energy-efficient and soundproof windows are non-negotiables. After all, their comfort depends on these things too. 

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