Should You Replace Your Windows All At Once?
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Should You Replace Your Windows All At Once?

Window replacements can be a significant investment. That’s why a lot of homeowners often wonder if it’d be more cost-effective to replace their windows one at a time. Arguably, however, it makes more financial sense to replace your windows all at once. 

Here are the reasons why: 

Savings on Labor Costs 

For one thing, you’ll be able to enjoy more savings on labor costs if you replace the windows all in one go. Labor costs comprise a significant chunk of window installation expenses and they can quickly add up with multiple projects. If you crunch the numbers, it’s more cost-effective to pursue one large window installation project instead of pursuing five separate projects. 

Consistent Installation Quality 

There’s also the issue of the quality of the window installation itself. If you decide to replace your windows one at a time, there’s no guarantee the same contractor will be installing your windows. This is especially the case toward the end of spring and during summer, when demand for contractor services spikes. In most cases, the end result is uneven installation quality. 

Efficient Use of Time

It also makes more practical sense to replace your windows all at once. If you replace your windows all at once, you’ll be able to minimize disruptions to your daily routine, not to mention save you a lot of time and effort. 

How long does it usually take to replace a window? An experienced window contractor should be able to finish replacing all of the windows in an average-sized home and cleaning up the debris in two to three days. 

Worried about the timeline for your window replacement? As part of Renewal by Andersen®’s signature service, we offer free consultations to our customers. Our consultants can help set up a schedule that accommodates your needs. 

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