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Stuck or Hard-to-Operate Windows: Causes and Prevention

Stuck and hard-to-open windows are fairly common and can cause anything from minor inconvenience to disruption to your daily routine. In this blog, replacement window company, Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, takes an in-depth look at what causes windows to get stuck.

Window problems and stuck windows

What Causes Windows to Get Stuck?

One of the most common causes of stuck windows is warping on the frame and/or sashes. Warping happens when materials with uneven molecular structure expand and contract due to temperature changes. The cellulose in wood is an example of this. When untreated wood is used to build windows, it results in warping from uneven expansion and contraction. When this happens, parts of the frame and sashes would push against each other, resulting in stuck windows.

Another common cause is shifting house foundations. When this happens, the foundations exert pressure along the wall and windows. This doesn’t happen instantaneously, but, if you regularly open and close the same windows, there will be a noticeable difference. Shifting house foundations may also push the window sashes out of alignment, which can lead to air leaks and make your home less energy-efficient.

Other common problems are caused by wear and tear, such as corroded hardware, dirt and grit between the frame and sashes, or impact damage.

How to Deal With Stuck and Hard-to-Open Windows

Get in touch with your window contractor when dealing with stuck windows. It’s important to identify the cause and have your windows professionally repaired, especially if they’re still within warranty. Warped frames and/or sashes may need to be slightly reshaped; however, extreme cases may require a complete replacement.

There are some things you can do to protect your windows from getting stuck. Having a regular cleaning and maintenance routine helps keep the moving parts free of dirt and grit. Applying silicone-based lubricant to hinges and other moving parts can minimize friction and avoid corrosion. Lastly, investing in quality replacement windows, made of materials with even expansion and contraction rates, avoids having to deal with warped frames and sashes.

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