How to Match Your Windows to your Home's Interior
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Subtle Harmony: Matching Window Casings With the Interior

All it takes to ruin your interior’s entire design aesthetic is just one mismatched element. This applies even to the tiniest details, like trim and window casings.

Matching window casings with your interior

Making sure the window casings match the rest of the interior can be a challenge. To help you maintain a consistent design aesthetic, Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, one of the state’s top window replacement companies, shares some coordinating tips below.

Stick to One Style

Mixing and matching design elements and color is a good idea so long as you have enough expertise in interior design. Subtlety and harmony are the two qualities you should be aiming to achieve whenever you’re matching your window trim with the interior. No one usually notices trim, but it will stand out when it clashes with the rest of the interior or if you go overboard with the details.

You constantly have to walk a tightrope when coordinating design elements, but for window trim, the tightrope is even thinner. As such, it’s best to play it safe and stick to one consistent style.

Thickness Matters 

There will be times, however, when some variation will be needed, particularly when it comes to the thickness of the trim. The thickness is usually decided on a case-to-case basis. The thickness of the baseboard and chair rail, for example, should not exceed the width of the door and window casings.

Keep It Proportional

Finally, regardless if you have casement or double-hung windows, the size of the trim should always be proportional to the size of the room. But unfortunately, just like the thickness of the trims, there’s no set formula; it’s decided on a case-to-case basis.

When in doubt, it’s always best to consult a designer or a window company on the size and proportion of your window trims.

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