Tips for Making Windows the Center of Attention in a Room
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Tips for Making Windows the Center of Attention in a Room

Windows naturally draw the eye, but they do not always end up as focal points of rooms. Many of us tend to focus more on the view they frame rather than on them. As a result, we often fail to maximize the potential of windows as architectural assets. But there are many ways to achieve this.


Place Furniture Around Them

Put chairs near your window to solidify its status as a social destination. A window with seating can be a good place for chatting, studying, reading, contemplating or resting. The presence of furniture sends a visual message that the location of your glass unit is the most important side of the room.

Dress Them With Attractive Curtains

When planning a window replacement, it pays to think of the coverings you intend to use in advance. Sometimes, bare glass fixtures do not pop on their own. The use of curtains can make simple windows stand out and blend into the room. You can’t just hang any window treatments, though. Make sure the drapes complement the carpet and other textiles present in the space to ensure visual harmony.

Display Sun-Loving Plants

Indoor vegetation never fails to impress. Be it ornamentals, fruit-bearing trees or flowering plants, the sight of in-room greenery can make any windows desirable to look at.

Play With Window Shapes and Arrangements

Combine different styles, and consider unorthodox shapes to make your windows a knockout. To come up with fresh configurations that suit your spaces, it is imperative to understand how double-hung, sliding, bay, bow, specialty, picture and casement windows work. Only then can you have custom-built units that are super charming and conveniently multifunctional.

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