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Top Solutions for Drafty Windows

Drafty windows could only mean trouble for your home. For starters, they can result in higher utility bills and affect your indoor comfort. In order to deal with this kind of window problem, it’s important to have a good understanding of why it happens.


Common Causes of Drafty Windows

One possible reason for the drafts in your window is a glazing putty that has become brittle over time. This can cause the window glass to rattle in place and allow outside air to leak into the room. In certain types of windows, drafts may also be due to sashes that have shrunk with age or normal wear. If you have aluminum or vinyl windows, you might want to check if the gaskets or weatherstripping is already worn out.

How to Fix Drafty Windows

Similar to when you are dealing with drafts in your doors, you should also aim for long-term solutions when it comes to drafty windows. Ultimately, this means replacing your old windows, especially if they are already approaching the end of their life span. However, if your window is still relatively new and the only problem seems to be the glazing putty, you can opt to replace the glazing only.

Moreover, if you feel that you do not have the budget for window replacement yet, you can try temporary fixes like adding V-seal weatherstripping on the sides of the sashes. You can also get a foam-and-fabric draft snake kit and place the snake on the sill of your window. Shut your window on it to ensure proper sealing and help reduce drafts.

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