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Ways to Insulate Your Windows for the Summer

Summer is here, and, with the expected rise in temperatures comes an increase in your cooling requirements at home that can lead to higher energy bills. When this happens to you every year, it might be time to break that cycle. It all starts with improving the insulation of your existing windows.

Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, your local window replacement pros, discusses the ways you can make your windows summer-proof.

Reflective Window Film

It is an energy-saving product that can be beneficial for you this summer season. For one, it has a high percentage of ultraviolet (UV) light rejection, which prevents your furniture and other interior furnishings from fading. It also helps reduce glare, especially when the sun shines directly in your room. More importantly, it helps reduce heat transfer, making your home feel cooler than the temperature outside.


Your double hung windows may have considerable years left in their service life, which means their weatherstripping may have lost the ability to ensure a tight seal. Consider inspecting them first before applying a new seal. You can choose from vinyl, metal, felt or foam, but be sure that your selection is able to hold up well against the weather and temperature changes.

Window Treatments

Certain window coverings can help reduce energy loss through the windows, lower cooling bills and increase indoor comfort. These can result in energy savings, but the amount you may be able to save depends on the type of attachment used. Options include blinds, curtains or drapes, shades and shutters.

Window Replacement

There will come a time when your existing windows won’t perform as well as they should. It might be due to them nearing the end of their service life, or there have been signs of disrepair that are too hard not to ignore. Replacing them makes sense in this situation. Consider investing in energy-efficient units from Renewal by Andersen, the leading window replacement company.

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