What Defines a Well-Designed Window?
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What Defines a Well-Designed Window?

Investing in quality windows is one of the best things you can do for your home. Well-designed windows can boost your property’s value, increase your indoor comfort and provide added protection against harsh outdoor elements.


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But what comprises a good window design?

Elements of Well-Designed Windows

A well-designed window combines reliability, consistency, packaging, ease of installation and lifetime performance. It all starts with the final purpose in mind, followed by connecting one key element to the other to reach that goal.

Windows should go through performance tests during development and production. These tests should include extreme conditions to ensure the durability of every window component and finish. The best windows undergo a careful design process that integrates architectural authenticity and expert engineering.

Superior Materials and System

Consumers should get the best quality for their money. When it comes to windows, that means utilizing the best glass technologies for energy efficiency, light transmission and ease of maintenance. The best products are complete systems that offer superior overall quality and functionality.

All the parts of a window should be engineered to work in unison to withstand leaks and drafts, and preserve energy efficiency and weather resistance. With good quality windows, you can get both beauty and superior performance.

All suppliers and manufacturers should comply with the building codes in accordance with air, water, structural and impact performance standards. Windows with a certification mark from accredited, independent, third-party certification organization can ensure compliance with building codes.

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