What Makes Replacement Windows Energy-Efficient?
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What Makes Replacement Windows Energy-Efficient?

Homeowners can enjoy a lot of benefits from getting energy-efficient windows and patio doors. They can help reduce your heating and cooling costs by preventing outdoor temperatures from affecting your indoor temperature. Many of these units have glass that lets in sunlight, but blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting your artwork, furniture and flooring from fading.

Windows Energy-Efficient

Here’s what makes replacement windows energy-efficient.

Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass utilizes a transparent coating to reduce the amount of heat that passes through the glass while still allowing light inside. It is a feature that you should look for when getting new windows and even sliding glass doors. U-value measures how well windows resist heat flow. The coating in Low-E glass reduces the U-value of windows, meaning it helps in preventing solar heat transmission.

Double-Glazed Windows

Double glazing is a common feature in high-performance windows. With Low-E glass and argon gas fill in between, double glazing can give you the best thermal performance.

Window Frame

High-quality window frames last longer and offers better energy efficiency. At Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, we install windows with the Fibrex® frame material, which is two times stronger than vinyl. It’s so durable that it can resist damage from extreme temperature changes while maintaining its stability.  Because of its strength, Fibrex can be crafted into thinner frames and nearly any shape. The thinner the frames, the more light will enter your home and the more outdoor views you can enjoy. With this material, you don’t need to worry about rot or decay, fading, flaking, blistering, and peeling.

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