What Should You Look Out for After a Summer Storm?
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What Should You Look Out for After a Summer Storm?

Your windows are one of the most important features of your home as they protect your interior from weather elements. In case your windows get damaged during a storm, don’t hesitate to have them repaired or replaced immediately by a certified window replacement contractor to restore your comfort, privacy and safety. However, not all kinds of window damage are easy to spot as some of them can cause bigger issues if left unattended.

What Should You Look Out For After a Summer Storm?

Common Signs of Window Damage

Listed below are some of the most common signs of damage you’ll find on your windows if they are damaged by a storm:

1. Shattered or Broken Glass

One of the most common kinds of damage you’ll see after a strong storm is a shattered or broken glass. If the entire frame is still intact, you can have the broken panels replaced as long as the main frame is still sturdy and in great condition. Otherwise, you’ll have to have a full window replacement if the damage is significant.

2. Moisture Buildup

Another issue that affects homeowners is moisture buildup within their windows. While this isn’t as easily spotted as a broken window, it could lead to significant damage like mold buildup in the long run. If mold has spread wide enough, it could compromise not only your windows, but other components of your home like the siding. If you notice mold growth early on, don’t hesitate and call your window contractor immediately so they can assist you with the repairs.

3. Check Your Attic and Basement

Inspect your attic and basement for any signs of water infiltration. If you notice any musty or foul odors from these spots, mold might’ve spread to these areas so it’s important to have this area treated as soon as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider Afterwards

If you spot any of these kinds of damage, call your insurance provider afterwards to discuss and see if you’re covered. Don’t forget to have your contractor document the damaged area. If a contractor isn’t available, you can cover up or board these affected areas to prevent any further damage. This also helps you secure your insurance claim because, if you leave a damaged area alone, it could hurt your chances of getting covered.

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