Why Get Double-Hung Windows for Your Home?
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Why Get Double-Hung Windows for Your Home?

If you check out the most popular window options available today, you’re bound to come across double-hung windows. According to our window replacement experts, double-hung windows have some advantages over other types of windows available. Here’s a quick rundown as explained by our team.

Double-Hung Windows

They Fit Anywhere

Because a double-hung window’s panels do not swing outward, you only need to find enough space for the window’s frame to fit. This makes a double-hung window an incredibly versatile option, especially if you find that other window options are oversized or require a minimum amount of clearance to operate.

The Provide Good Air Flow

When you open a casement window, you need a second window open so that the air can flow in one direction. With double-hung windows, all you need to do is slide both panels towards the middle. This will create two openings that can allow air to enter and exit from the same window. This is perfect for rooms with only enough space for a single window.

They Are More Watertight

When you fail to close a casement window, there’s a good chance that the hinged panel could swing slightly open, letting in air, rain or snow if left unattended for a long time. With a double-hung window, the frames still form a good seal even if you leave it unlocked. This is especially important during summer or winter, where insulation is key to maintaining good indoor temperatures.

Installation by Pros

Despite its advantages over casement windows and other options, double-hung windows have to be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. In fact, by having pros install your new windows, you also protect yourself by having them covered by product or service warranties, which can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands in the long run.

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