Window Storm Damage: Common Signs and How to Deal With It
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Window Storm Damage: Common Signs and How to Deal With It

Doors and windows are made to keep you protected against the elements and help you stay comfortable no matter the weather. However, when a severe storm hits your area, they can still get damaged. While some signs of damage are obvious, such as shattered glass, others can easily be overlooked by many homeowners.

Window Storm Damage

Here are common signs of window storm damage.

Signs of Window Storm Damage

Windows can still get cracked or damaged even if you have storm shutters installed. Damaged window casings are the most common indication of damage if your home has been hit by high winds or hail. Keep in mind that damaged windows can be dangerous, especially if there is broken or missing glass. Look out for glass pieces on the floor to avoid accidents and injuries. It would help to board up the affected windows until a professional arrives to fix them.

Other common signs of window damage include cracks and holes, damaged frames and broken panes. Contact a local repair professional as soon as possible if you think your windows need repair or replacement.

Dealing With Window Storm Damage

Before anything else, make sure to take photos of the affected parts of your home following a storm. Documentation is essential when it comes to filing storm damage insurance claims. For your safety, cover or board up windows with cracked or shattered glass.

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible as some companies have deadlines on submitting claims. Keep a record of all your conversations with your insurer as well as important dates and details. If you have incurred expenses along the way, such as temporary housing, be sure to submit receipts for those.

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