You’ll Get More Benefits From a Pro Window Installation Job
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You’ll Get More Benefits From a Pro Window Installation Job

Installing new windows by yourself can be tricky, even if you think you have enough home improvement experience. Even replacing double-hung or casement windows is no easy task. Watching online video tutorials might make you think that it’s easy, but if you want to ensure your windows last as long as their expected lifespan, have them installed by a professional window installer instead. Here’s why.

Installation Job

Professional Workmanship

If you’re considering DIY window installation, then you need to expect that you’ll be in charge and take care of everything that’s involved with the project. That means you’ll handle the transportation and unloading of your new windows, which can be risky if you mishandle them. A scratched frame or even a broken window will more likely happen unless you have it done by a professional.

Better Weatherproofing

A proper window replacement by a trusted professional ensures a continuous water barrier between the window and the wall to keep out the weather elements. Installing this yourself won’t guarantee an effective barrier; water may instead leak through the gaps and cracks. Over time, the moisture buildup will rot away the frame of your windows (especially if they’re made of wood) and cause mold growth. If you want to keep your home’s structural integrity and comfort intact, get your windows installed by a trusted professional!

Better Energy Efficiency 

Installing the windows yourself won’t guarantee an improvement in energy efficiency as there’s a chance that you may leave out tiny cracks around the frames. You’ll get increased air and water infiltration instead, which can result in heating and cooling loss. But when you get your windows installed by a professional, you won’t have this type of problem. You’ll get a noticeable decrease in your heating and cooling costs throughout the year and an increase in energy efficiency!

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