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The Alternative Ways You Can Achieve a Cooler Home

Summer is the hottest season of the year so it’s likely that you’ll be cranking up your air conditioner just to keep your home cool and comfortable. However, doing so consumes energy and can also cause your cooling bills to spike. Thankfully, you don’t always have to rely on the air conditioner as there are other ways to keep your home cool and comfortable during the season.

Energy Efficient Windows

Keep the Room Dark

The main reason that your home becomes hot is because of the sun, and the most effective way to combat that is to keep your rooms dark. When they’re not in use, consider completely closing off the rooms or install blackout curtains to prevent the heat from entering your room via the window.

Open the Windows

Another method of cooling your home without relying too much on an air conditioner is by leaving the windows open. By doing so, you’ll be creating a cross-breeze that allows air into your home. Keep in mind to take advantage of the cooler nighttime and early morning temperatures as well.

Proper Insulation

Whether it’s on your doors, windows or attic, proper insulation can help keep your home cool. This is because it prevents hot air from entering your home and making it uncomfortable. Therefore, always have a professional inspect your insulation every now and then, and upgrade it if recommended.


Fans are another suitable method of cooling your home down without causing your energy bills to increase. If you have a ceiling fan, make sure it’s rotating counterclockwise during warm months. That way, it’ll push cooler air downward during these times. Box fans, on the other hand, keep air flowing throughout a room for a cooling effect. You can also place a container of ice directly in front of your box fan to create cooler air.


For a long-term method of cooling your home, on the other hand, consider building permanent or retractable awnings over your deck and windows. By doing so, you can easily prevent unwanted heat gain and make hotter days bearable.

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