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Window and Door Trends for 2019

Windows and doors can make a huge impact on your home’s interior and exterior. If you think they’re due for replacement, you might want to take advantage of the biggest window and door trends.

Window and Door Trends for 2019

Renewal by Andersen® of San Diego, a window and door company that guarantees professional installation services, discusses some of this year’s window and door trends.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Today’s homeowners are more eco-conscious so sustainability and energy efficiency are top considerations for them when it comes to choosing products. Energy-efficient windows can give you a lot of bang for your buck as they are able to block a significant amount of heat coming from the sun’s rays. They also improve air circulation inside your home so you can expect a decrease in your energy bills. Make sure to purchase windows that are certified by ENERGY STAR®.

Black-Framed Windows

Black-framed windows can lend a modern vibe to your home, but they look just as good in traditional-style homes. Black frames can also turn your windows into statement pieces enhancing the appeal of your home. No wonder several homeowners are lured into this window trend.

Snazzy Door Hardware

Whether you have French doors or panel doors, hardware is no longer an inconsequential detail these days. Homeowners take their time in choosing the perfect doorknobs, lever handles and deadbolts to complement or accentuate their doors. If you’re tired of your old door, finding stylish hardware might just be enough to give it a fresh look.

Smart Door Lock

Technology has become a huge part of homes – from promoting energy efficiency to ensuring safety and security. If you often forget to lock your main door or you simply want to boost security in your home, smart door locks offer the convenience and peace of mind you need.

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